Faster Life Sciences has always played a key role in our company. Substantial resources are allocated every year to develop new specialty products and to further optimize our existing portfolio. To maintain our global image as prime innovators in aquaculture, we rely on a skilled team of researchers and staff based in our Faster Life Sciences headquarters in Hyderabad.

OUR RESEARCH CENTERS : To guarantee our products work under commercial conditions, our test centers run real-life hatchery production cycles for fish and shrimp. A close link to the Faster Life Sciences Centers of the Benchmark Group allows us to develop holistic solutions for the balanced growth of cultured species. Collaboration with key researchers and institutions, customers and partners India wide continuously drive successful innovation.

THE EPICENTER OF NEW DEVELOPMENTS : At our facilities in Hyderabad, nutrition and health engineers specialized in shrimp, microbiology, immunology, aquatic diseases and diet processing technology are coordinating research projects using state-of-the-art analytical labs, small-scale test facilities and pilot-scale feed processing equipment.

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We Develop
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TURNING OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE INTO CONSISTENT QUALITY : Although our distribution network is set up to directly serve all major aquaculture markets, we have deliberately chosen to build our biggest production facility in Hyderabad, India to stay in touch with the major and fastest growing markets in aquaculture. The fact that we own and manage our own facilities guarantees complete control of the entire process and allows for a flawless quality control.


WORKING IN THE FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN, WE LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE : Just like in hatchery or farm operations, advanced knowhow and strict operational discipline are key to delivering a flawless product. Our processes are rigorously applied and monitored to guarantee food safety and compliance with all modern quality standards.



From raw materials to the finished product, we want to ensure that the highest quality standards are met consistently. A dedicated Quality Control team makes sure that the whole production cycle is continuously monitored in-line.

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It is our ambition to be the preferred nutrition and health specialist for aquaculture businesses around the India. This means that we aim to make knowledge and economics meet. We provide high-tech, cost-effective products and tools that integrate the best of both practice and science. By translating scientific progress into practical tools and protocols, our expertise can add tangible value to any aquaculture business.

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Doing business in a rapidly changing world and industry, FASTER Aquaculture responds swiftly to new trends and opportunities. In all this, being close to the customer is the key behind our commercial network with:

Aquaculture being a people’s business, a skilled and motivated workforce is key to our success. An advanced strategy management approach empowers our people to align their activities with the overall strategy and focus on its most important projects.

Working closely together with aquaculturefarmers India wide, FASTER is a privileged witness to many successes, innovations and breakthroughs with regards to products, techniques, species and developments that help to improve Aquaculture results. We share our insights and experiences with you, so you can benefit from them in your business environment.

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